5 Sample Vials (.5ml each)

  Our oils are undiluted with any carries or alcohols. They are full strength. A little bit goes a  very long way.

The letter after each name designates the type of oil it is:

  • E = Essential, one farm source, only organic material is used to produce this oil.
  • EC = Essential Compound, more than one farm source, only organic material is used to procuce this oil.
  • EB = Essential Blend, all oils in these Blends are essential, various essentials used to create this blend.
  • F = Fragrance, also called Perfumes, synthetically created in a labratory, contains NO Organic material.
  • B = Blend, these are original blends which we've created which contain both essential and fragrance oils. 

Each sample bottle is filled with your choice of any oil listed. We will never cut or dilute your oil with any alcohol, carrier, vegetable or petrolium oils. Each oil, regardless of size or quantitiy, is full strength and full powered! 

5    Sample Vials (.5ml each)
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  • Item #: FIVE (.5ml) Sample Bottles
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